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Sample Shipping Instructions

Supply your sample in a 0.5 to 2.0 µL microtube for centrifugation (e.g., Eppendorf tube) and firmly seal it with Parafilm.

Write the ID on each sample tube (e.g., sample name and/or number) using an indelible pen.

Be sure to ask the shipping company to keep your samples refrigerated.

Pack cold insulators or dry ice along with your samples.


We are NOT responsible for the sample preparation, the arrangement of shipping, any mishandling by the shipping company during the transportation (e.g., spillage during the transportation), and any resultant loss.

We will NOT store and/or return your samples.

Samples that are repeatedly frozen and thawed are not accepted.

Consignee/Shipping Address

Analysis Center Skylight Biotech Inc.
100-4 Sunada, Iijima, Akita-shi, Akita 011-0911 JAPAN
Phone +81-18-880-5060

Additional Notes

If you use FedEx, we will separately arrange a local chilled transport in Japan which costs USD20.  Please note that the above address should be designated as the final destination for FedEx, and please inform us with cargo tracking number (airway bill number) by email.  We need the number immediately (before the cargo enters into clearance process in Japan) so that we can arrange the local chilled transport.

Please ship on a Monday or Tuesday to allow sufficient time to clear customs and arrive at our lab. The shipping schedule should be arranged so that the samples can be delivered to the analysis center on weekdays or Saturday. We cannot receive them on Sunday or any national holiday in Japan.

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