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Optional Bio-marker Analysis

Measurement of the following items are available as optional service in addition to the basic service.

Measurement Item Sample volume
Method Measurable samples
Human Mouse Rat Rabbit Monkey Dog Other
Adiponectin >=20μL ELISA
Leptin >=25μL ELISA
(high sensitive)
>=25μL ELISA
(for human)
>=100μL ELISA
Apolipoprotein AI >=10μL T.I.
Apolipoprotein AII >=10μL T.I.
Apolipoprotein B >=10μL T.I.
Apolipoprotein CII >=30μL T.I.
Apolipoprotein CIII >=30μL T.I.
Apolipoprotein E >=30μL T.I.

Turbidimetric immunoassay

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