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Delivering Complete and Accurate Lipoprotein Profiles

LipoSEARCH is an analytical testing service that delivers complete set of data on Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels
of lipoprotein components, including 4major classes (CM, VLDL, LDL AND HDL) and 20 subclasses. Thanks to its
unique gel-filtration HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and patented analyzing algorithm, LipoSEARCH
offers a number of advantages over conventional testing methods such as very small sample requirement,
broad coverage of sample types, accurate size-based particle level measurement and quick turnaround.
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LipoSEARCH is used by over 500 laboratories, research/medical institutions and academians across the world. More
than 200 scientific papers has been published based on the test data using LipoSEARCH.
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Animal Testing
Enabling time-course analysis

Unlike conventional testing methods, LipoSEARCH requires only 10µL serum/plasma injection for full analytical test. for full analytical test. Thus, you can perform time-course studies while keeping important test animals alive.

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Clinical Research
Importance of Particle Size Analysis

Further to full and accurate lipoprotein profiling data, LipoSEARCH provides lipoprotein particle size measurement result with a focus on Small Dense LDLs that are believed to contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

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Drug and Functional Food Development

LipoSEARCH subclass analysis helps researchers to determine the effectiveness of medications where conventional index such as LDL-C offers insufficient predictors.

LipoSEARCH is also expected to be an alternative to animal testing especially in the field of functional food development.

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