FAQ on Lipoprotein Analytical Service



FAQ about Test Samples

What are acceptable test samples?

In addition to serum and plasma, culture supernatant and cerebrospinal fluid are acceptable.
Contact us in advance if your sample is culture supernatant or cerebrospinal fluid as we need to confirm the state of sample such as concentration.

Are frozen samples acceptable?

Yes, but one freeze-thaw cycle only with high TG samples. One or two cycles max. with other types of samples. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles affect the profile data. When stored in good frozen state, the length of frozen period would not matter.

Do you return the sample after testing?

No. We will not store or return the sample we receive.

Any recommended forwarder?

Most clients use FEDEX. Some clients use World Courier and Marken. It is your responsibility to choose a forwarder and pay the shipping cost.

FAQ about Our Service

What items can be measured by LipoSEARCH?

Basic service offers data of cholesterol and TG levels on each 20 subclasses. You can add free cholesterol and phospholipids as an optional service.
We also accept bio-marker analysis of apolipoproteins, adiponectin, leptin and insulin using ELISA or other test kit.

What animals you have tested so far?

In addition to small animals like mouses, rats, rabbits, hamsters, we tested a good number of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, killifishes and many others. We also test human clinical testing samples.

What is your reporting format?

We will send you electronic data via e-mail. The report contains numeric data and chromatograms (wave-form charts) in Excel format.

How long it takes before receiving your report?

After receiving your sample, we send you the analysis report within 5 – 7 business days. It may take some more days when we are busy.

What is your fee schedule?

A sliding scale fee schedule is available depending on the number of testing samples.
For those who work for educational or public research institute, academic discount is available. Our agent will tell you more details about discounted fee schedule.

Who used LipoSEARCH service?

Over 500 academic and public research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. Further, there are quite a good number of published papers based on the data obtained by the service.

Can I obtain validation data for filing?

Yes, we provided pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers with validation data. Consult us if you need one.

Does LipoSEARCH method have any correlation with conventional standard methods?

Yes, we verified close correlation with ultracentrifugation, the golden standard of lipid profile test.

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