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About Skylight Biotech

Skylight Biotech is a life science venture founded in 2001 with an aim to commercialize research outcomes originated from university laboratories. Our goal is to serve for the advancement in medicine, especially in the fields of prevention, early detection and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases by offering extensive support for clinical diagnosis and drug discovery.

LipoSEARCH, a lipid profiling and lipoprotein analytical service, is developed with gel-permeated HPLC (High Performance liquid Chromatography) method under the exclusive license from Tokyo Medical and Dental University. LipoSEARCH is well accepted by university and public laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers worldwide.

Corporate Data

Name Skylight Biotech Inc.
Incorporated August 28, 2002
President Tsutomu Seito
Head Office
(Analysis Center)
100-4 Aza-sunada, Iijima, Akita, Japan  011-0911
Phone: +81-18-880-5060 FAX: +81-18-880-5061
Tokyo Service Center 4th Floor, Imagics Building 2-10-11 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3525-8077 FAX: +81-3-3525-8078
Capital 58 Million JPY (Capital Reserve 22 Million JPY)
Shareholders Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ:4570)
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Akita Bank Co., Ltd.

Corporate History

Aug, 2002 Incorporated in Akita City
Sep, 2002 Acquired an exclusive license to the technology of 'Gene Expression Data Processing Method and Program' (PATPEND No. 2002-66946) Launched SuperNORM service
Feb, 2003 Relocated the Head Office to Challenge Office Akita in Akita City
Mar, 2003 Acquired an exclusive license to the technology of 'Lipoprotein Analysis Method and Program' (Japan Patent No. 3899041)
Jun, 2003 Series A round of financing
Jul, 2003 Launched LipoSEARCH service
Feb, 2004 Relocated the Head office and established the Tokyo Service Center
Aug, 2004 Series B round of financing
Oct, 2004 Started a collaborative research with Yamato Seiwa Hospital on the lipid metabolism of patients who underwent heart surgery
Nov, 2004 Relocated the Tokyo Service Center
Dec, 2004 Commenced collaborations with Nippon Veterinary and Animal science University (currently Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University) on feline and canine lipid metabolism.
May, 2005 Started a collaborative research with Clinical Preventive Center of St. Luke’s International Hospital on the lipid metabolism of those who had a complete medical checkup.
Oct, 2006 Integrated the head office and the Analysis Center and relocated the Tokyo Service Center
Jan, 2007 Series C round of financing

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